Hi! My name is Tom and I have been working as a qualified swimming teacher for over 15 years. 


Within that time I have been lucky enough to help people of all ages learn how to swim. 


It is my belief that all children should learn how to swim at some stage in their life. Not only is this a great way to stay active, but it could also become a potentially life-saving skill. After all, two thirds of our planet is made up of water!


I created the ‘Let’s Learn To Swim’ book series with the big ambition to help parents teach their own children how to become happy and confident swimmers. I felt this would create the perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their child and learn new skills together in a fun and engaging way. 


Bond with your child as you help teach them one of life's greatest skills: how to swim!


Make swimming fun! Use your book at the pool and follow the story together. Look out for the gold stars throughout the books as these special skills go towards your certificate! 


Take your books on holidayuse them at bath time, practise together at the pool, or simply enjoy them as an imaginative bedtime story.